Love is in the Air!!

I just got the wedding invitation materials I designed for my Sister. I’m happy with the way they turned out. Digital Lizard did the printing; and a wonderful job they did. If you need same-day printing, give them a try… and, tell them Aldanzo Pratt sent you. =)

Anyway, it was a simple project with 6 different pieces:

  1. Official Wedding notice w/ Reception note
  2. Official Wedding notice w/o Reception note
  3. Response Card
  4. Wedding directions card
  5. Gift Registry Card
  6. Envelope Sticker

It was a pretty simple color scheme of Chocolate and Sage (interesting combination..):

Color by COLOURlovers

Update: Hat Tip to Shalonda Hill of Shalonda Hill Photography for the beautiful photo on the wedding announcement. Need Great work? Check her out!!

Later Days…