Was this your year? As we come to the close of another year, it’s time to take a moment and assess your year. Another year older, another year bolder. Download the 2017 Year End Selfie and review the year that was.

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Recent Work

The Florida State Lectureship

The Tri-County Leadership Group was responsible for planning the 2015 Florida State Lectureship and invited me to develop the conference identity including the graphics presentation. Everything from web graphics to banners, signage, and event collateral was developed using a basic color scheme and pattern.

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So, what will it be? Will we take pride in the things we do? Will the people around us be able to say we’ve given our absolute best? Having prayed fervently for the things we currently have, will we now take them for granted, lacking appreciation? If so, it’s fair for the Lord to wonder why He would grant us the spiritual blessings we also say we desire, so we can take them for granted as well. Although we may at times refuse to see it as such, work life is a proving ground for us as disciples. The attitude we show, the effort we provide, the will and way of our worklife, shows the Lord that we are able to accept responsibility.

In this, we have to break free from the sometimes negative ideas that permeate the workspaces we find ourselves in. So, how will we break free?

Five-Day Work Devotional



By: Danzo Pratt|7 Feb 2017

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